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    Hi !

    I am a Hong Kong based Industrial Designer with 5 years experience in both agencies and corporations around the globe.  I designed products ranging from housewares and consumer electronics to FMCG in collaboration with major clients like OXO, Acer, Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithKline, Samsonite or Carrefour.

    Those experiences gave me the skills to handle design projects and deliver qualitative products through a well defined design process (see below) .


    • 1 - research / user insigts

    • 2 - creativity

    • 3 - development

    Research / User insights

    Understanding of the market in which the product is going to sit through Trends analysis, Market research & Benchmark. Observation of users’ behaviour and collection of consumer insights. Aesthetic research with a visual brand language (VBL)


    Transformation of ideas into relevant creative concepts. This goes through workshop , sketching, CAD modeling and Mockup generation. Strong focus on th Aesthetic directions in order to differentiate the concept from the market


    Development of the final concept to make reliable for manufacturing and production. Deliverable of the final CAD model taking into consideration cost and manufacturing constraint (process, injection etc..). Production follow up with suppliers.


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    Edouard GUESNE

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